Birth to Preschool

Start your adventure with one of these activities (or create your own)!


Best & Brightest book lists for birth-preschool: 

Find more book lists on Read Play Learn!

Share a story.

Attend a library Storytime.

Let your child choose a book to bring home from the library.

As you read, talk about new words and the illustrations in the book.

Pick a letter and eat three foods with that letter.

Do you need a list of good books for your baby, toddler, or preschooler? Check out our Best and Brightest Books of 2018 list.

Practice literacy skills with your child by having her/him tell you stories.

For more ideas, see Earlier is Easier.


Paint with water, fingerpaints or even shaving cream.

Create art with your child and display it in your home.

Make music together by creating a pots and pans band.

Blow bubbles and catch them with your hands.

Sing and do the motions to The Wheels On The Bus.

Plant a pot of flowers, vegetables, or herbs with your child and watch it grow together this summer.


Walk outside and talk about what you see.

Prepare a meal together.

Enjoy playtime outdoors together.

Call Phone-A-Story at 720-865-8500 and listen to a story or a song in English, Spanish, Amharic or Vietnamese.

Set up a pretend grocery store and let your child go shopping. Talk about choosing healthy food.

Join us at Little University programs, a space for early learning and growth.

Alamo Drafthouse

You can sign-up for the Alamo Kids Club and attend a low cost film screening at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema at Sloan’s Lake during their Kids Camp series.

Denver Art Museum’s Art Lives Here!

If you’d like an artful experience, check out the Denver Art Museum’s Art Lives Here! installations at the Bear Valley, Gonzales, and Ross-Barnum Branch Libraries throughout the summer. An excursion to the Denver Art Museum will be offered at the Gonzales Branch Library.