Bluejeans Into Moonbeams

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Bluejeans Into Moonbeams by DrewWeber

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Hi, my name is Drew Weber. I am a #NewCountry music artist living here in the beautiful city of Denver. In my tracks I: write and compose the music, write the lyrics, produce/mix and master my songs. I was visiting smalltown Arvada Colorado late January and was at a whiskey bar. Their was a drink called "Bluejeans And Moonbeams" and I wrote it down on my phone and said, "This has got to be a song"! I didn't want to rush it, as I hear my songs in my head the melody guitars, drums etc, before I actualy go and write them. Several weeks ago I woke up on a Saturday morning and their were these chords in my brain, I grabbed my phone, and recorded the idea in my voice memos. I gave the melody a couple more weeks, to see if it stuck with me or left. As it was still their I started building the track/instruments on the weekends. After I had finished with the music I wrote the lyrics, recorded vocals and am excited about the final project. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy.
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