Summer of Adventure Play: Puppets!

Maker Challenge entry



Denver Public Library’s Summer of Adventure is going on now and one of the activity categories for the birth through preschool age group is PLAY. Looking for a new way to play with your little one? Try a puppet! Puppets are wonderful toys that help children build confidence, develop emotional learning and improve some key motor skills. What a way to help your children build their skill set while playing!  

Try putting on a puppet show with your child this summer. Use those socks that have lost their match to make a puppet for yourself and your baby. Have your toddler or preschooler help you make the puppets. Use paint, big wiggly eyes, yarn and even cut up old clothes to make new clothes for your puppet.

Once you’ve made your puppets, make a stage with a cardboard box or hang a piece of material between two chairs. Maybe even record the show.

You can also read or tell fairy tales and other stories to your children and ask them to recreate the characters with the puppets. This helps children reinforce what they have learned from the story and you get to enjoy the retelling.

Puppets are an engaging way to have fun with your child this summer!