6th-12th Grade

Start your adventure with one of these activities (or create your own)!


Best & Brightest book lists for teens: 

Check out our book lists on Evolver.

Request a Personalized Reading List! Tell us what you like to read and we'll send you our recommendations.

Ask one of our librarians for a book suggestion. 

Do you have a summer reading list for school? What book do you think is missing? Add it to the list and read it! What did you read?

Read from a new genre. Western, Horror, Romance? Is there a type of book you haven’t read before? What did you read? 

Read out loud to someone else—your sibling, a nephew, your grandma.

Write a book review in 240 characters or less about your favorite book and post it to social media. Tag @denverlibrary

Do you love to listen to stories? SYNC provides you with 2 free audiobooks per week. Just download the OverDrive app to get access.


Find a craft idea on Pinterest or at the library and try it. What did you make? 

Design your own game. What are the characters like? What are the goals? 

Find something that’s broken in your house and try to fix it. 

Try a new recipe and share it with your friends/family. What did you make?

Make art—draw, paint or sculpt.

Get involved in your community by volunteering.

Attend ideaLAB's MakerCamp, DevCamp or GameCamp.

Check out the arts and crafts and ideaLAB programs for teens in our events calendar.


Volunteer with a community organization.

Check out a free museum or cultural pass from the library.

Visit a park you have never been to before. Where did you go?

Is there something you’re interested in but haven’t tried yet? Just do it.

Interview an elder in your family or neighborhood.

Go on a real world treasure hunt by Geocaching. Find the geocache and win a coin!

Visit a museum or a state park for free by checking out a pass in our Library of Things!

Check out some of these FREE things to do in Denver.

Summer Book Clubs

Book clubs are a great way to get children and teenagers reading during the summer and talking about what they read with others. Plus, they help children and teens complete their reading activities to win awesome prizes. For dates and times contact one of these branch libraries: Bear Valley, Eugene-Field, Gonzales, Hadley, Park Hill, Ross-University Hills, Sam Gary, Schlessman Family and Virginia Village.


ideaLABs are the library's makerspaces: free community spaces to make things. Labs have a variety of tools and resources available to help you create music, sew, print 3D designs, make art and more. There are ideaLABs at Central Library, Gonzales, Hadley, Hampden and Montbello branch libraries. Go to www.denverlibrary.org/idealab for hours and more information.

Music at The Library

We’ve partnered with Take Note Colorado this year to provide you with opportunities to make your own music. Check out any of these great programs!

Denver Art Museum’s Art Lives Here!

If you’d like an artful experience, check out the Denver Art Museum’s Art Lives Here! installations at the Bear Valley, Gonzales, and Ross-Barnum Branch Libraries throughout the summer. An excursion to the Denver Art Museum will be offered at the Gonzales Branch Library.